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May 24 2011

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SWF seeks… her old haunt.


This street used to be my stomping ground. The apartment building over my shoulder is where The Husband and I lived when we first moved to Pittsburgh. It’s Downtown, right in the center of the Cultural District. We often had people asking us if there was anything to do Downtown. “Doesn’t it shut down after 5?” 

Um, no. 

We were in the middle of everything and had relatively quiet streets at night. I loved being able to walk across the bridge to a Pirates game or The Warhol. Or just down the street to a show. We tried our darnedest to buy a place Downtown. It just didn’t work out. I always feel a twinge of sadness when I think about how we didn’t. We made some brilliant memories in that apartment. The PG is where our love affair with Pittsburgh began. 


Thank you, Jonathan, for taking my photos today! 

Dress & bag: c/o Jupe Boutique
Scarf: c/o Global Girl Gifts
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: J.Crew 

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