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June 20 2013


SWF seeks… the perfect Pittsburgh summer Saturday!

Fellow Pittsburgh blogger, Alex from Everybody Loves You, is always coming up with blogger collaborations. This time, he’s pulled together nine of us to curate our collective perfect Pittsburgh summer Saturday. {Alex lovingly referred to the process as herding cats.} But guess what… we did it!

So here’s how it works, each blogger gets a two-hour time slot. We aren’t restricted by travel time and, in my case at least, by gastric constraints. Curious what I mean? Then you need to hop back two hours to Clara’s post over at Food Collage. She’s hanging out in the Strip and hooking you up with some serious NOMS.

My perfect Pittsburgh summer Saturday would be spent… where else but the South Side.

I have so many fond memories of empty, open Saturdays that slowly evolved into doing all the things with all the friends{!!!!} I personally believe the South Side isn’t at its best at night, but instead in the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky and you’re cracking open your first ice cold beer of the day.

You and I have each other from noon to 2:00 so let’s hop to it.

Perfect Pittsburgh Summer Saturday

Let’s begin at Carson Street Deli {and Craft Beer Bar}. My go-to sandwich is the Vegetarian Burger on a Bread Works baguette {holy good} coupled with a Blanche de Chambly. CJ recommends the Carson Street Reuben and a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar.

Order up with the super friendly chap with the fabulously coiffed mustache. Do not sit down in the dining room. Take your sweet ass straight back to the outdoor seating because SUMMAHTIME. You could spend the rest of your time here. But that’s no fun so…

Finish your brew, wipe your mouth and head down a few doors to pick up some vintage duds from Highway Robbery.



You need a T-shirt. Trust me. And Commonwealth Press makes the best T-shirts. So navigate up to just before 20th Street and hook yourself up.

Perfect Pittsburgh Summer Saturday

image via cwpress instagram

I’m not letting you leave South Side without a visit to Jupe Boutique. Stella agrees you need to stop in and pick up some hip gear.

Perfect Pittsburgh Summer Saturday

And finally, every perfect Saturday that I ever spent in the South Side involved outdoor drinks and people watching at Double Wide Grill. If you’re a superhero and can possible eat a thing right now, they have some great appetizers. Or you could get the Caribbean Coconut Tofu to go.

And hey! Bring your dog because they’re allowed to sit with you and judge all of the people.

Perfect Pittsburgh Summer Saturday

Ok, let’s be honest. This will likely take longer than two hours. Unless you are a really fast shopper/eater/drinker. But now you have plenty of things to do in the South Side to create your own perfect Pittsburgh summer Saturday.

I’m going to leave you in the loving hands of Sue from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. You’re in for a treat! And make sure you wait 30 minutes before getting into the pool. You’ll see what I mean. 


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