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January 29 2013

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SWF seeks… her own little house.

SWF Daily Duds January 29SWF Daily Duds January 29SWF Daily Duds January 29

CJ IMed me yesterday and said he was going to have a little surprise for Stella when she got home. He decided to take one of the big wardrobe boxes we used during our move, he made a few cuts, and created the best little house for her. He even put a few of her toys and her favorite bink {blanket} inside so that she knew she could go inside.

She didn’t need much encouragement! It was her house and she knew it. It was one of my favorite nights! She would grab our hands and try to get us to come inside. She kept opening and closing the windows and door, laughing hysterically.

And it was just a box.

No paint or special anything about it. Just a few cuts. It was so much fun.

Did you play with anything like that as a kid? I always loved making forts with chairs, blankets and pillows. Something about having your own little space when you’re a kid is so exciting!

Jacket, leaf bracelet, necklaces: c/o Jupe Boutique; Blouse: Banana Republic; Trousers: Jupe {old}; Shoes: Macy’s; Watch: Wildcard; Chain bracelet: c/o INPink

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