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December 28 2012

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SWF seeks… Heroes.

Daily Duds for December 28Daily Duds for December 28Daily Duds for December 28Daily Duds for December 28

Jacket: c/o Jupe Boutique; Jeans: Hip’tique; Tank: Shopbop {purchased with gift card won from}; Shoes: Macy’s {Xmas gift}; Nails: Essie’s There’s No Place Like Chrome

Daily Duds for December 28

This was the first year I got a small taste of what it’s like to be a stay at home mom. Our office closes between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. This year was also the first when Stella was in day care. We were together for a massive {for Pittsburgh} snow storm on Wednesday. But CJ took her in to day care yesterday and today. I took the ‘free time’ to tend to the house top to bottom. Lots of toilet scrubbing {peh}, dishes, laundry, enormous dust bunnies {thanks pups}, swapping baby toys for toddler toys {tear} and mending some clothes with loose/missing buttons.

I thought for certain I would sneak a nap in there somewhere or maybe some book reading. How did that not happen? What if I had to add coordinating a meal into that schedule? {I don’t.} Look, it was time off to do with as I chose. But great day in the morning, I felt busy. I have a newfound respect for those parents holding down the home front.

This is what I decided to wear to pick Stella up. I thought it was important I get out of the sweats and act like a human being for an hour.

The inspiration for this post is the endless stream of old Heroes episodes I’ve been watching while working. I miss what that show could have been.

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